For the sake of daily dose of caffeine: Coffeeya


So, I am back. With abundant ideas but limited time. Many things happened (happen, and will happen), an excuse why I was in a long hiatus for my food blog. But as an Indonesia, I am naturally designed as food connoisseur, a natural gourmets. C19 really makes me stuck. I become too attached with my ambition and research, and forgot when is the last time since I do my culinary adventure. Well… I am cooking a lot though. But, as we Indonesian said “Beda tangan, beda rasa” (different hand, different taste). No matter how good I am now, I cannot 100% copy amazing street foods out there. Too huge flight hours gap, guys! Too huge!

But here I am, start all over again. I think I will write more on Indonesian foods this year, but now… let’s talk about COFFEE.

I am a tea person, because I often have problem with my stomach :’) Also, I used to live with my mom who always tell me many things about tea (as it was her research long time ago), so tea is always more familiar. But as life is getting tougher, we need stronger caffeine kicks. Also, after a routine medical checkup and stuff, my health is getting better. So, I can enjoy coffee now. Of course in moderate dose :p

I remember one of the most beautiful coffee show I have visited was “Coffeeya”

I went to this place with my friend, and to be honest it such a small hidden “coffee heaven” in the corner of Tokyo. The shop is also not really big, but very cozy to pass time.

If you love coffee and YOU CAN READ JAPANESE, you may get the best experience as the show provide small info cards about each coffee there. About the taste, about the origin, many things. As I am not a coffee fans, but this place was so interesting! You can see coffee around the world.

I choose a coffee from Yemen, “Mocha Mattari” . Well, coffee cannot be separated from Middle Eastern culture anyway. But I never know that Yemen produces coffee. As a researcher, the only thing I know is less than 5% land in this place is arable. But this coffee was good! I kinda like it. I also read that some coffee seeds in Indonesia are actually originally from Yemen. Ah! This is why the taste seems familiar.

Would you mind to have your own coffee adventure? If you in Tokyo, come and visit coffeeya 🙂 here is the address. They have four shops in Tokyo.

■ Shin-Nakano Main Store: 4-31-10-104 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
■ Mitaka Kobo: 3-43-28 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo 1F
■ Higashi Koganei Kobo: 5-10-58-E04 Kajino-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo
■ Waseda Kobo: 52-2-1F, Wasedaminamicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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