Enjoying “Warteg” : why you should try it

Forgive me for such a long hiatus.

It is all because of my PhD life. But, I graduate now… and  no one can stop me to write my food  blog 😀

Just like any other students who graduate, they go back to their home. Because no place as cozy as home. So, I was back to Indonesia! And in such a very short time, my brother brought me throughout the town and eat lots of foods. He suggested me to eat in WARTEG.

In case you have no idea about warteg, it is an abbreviation of “warung Tegal”. It is basically a street-mini resto, with a showcase of hommy foods that you can choose 😀

Warteg, is a part of culture for Indonesian. Although the city growing, more modern foods and resto, when we hungry and need home-style foods but too lazy to cook (or run out money) we will find the nearest warteg.

Well, back to my brother’s recommendation. He said that the warteg near his elementary school is the best (he already an undergraduate student btw). The name is Warteg S.I.P. I believe it just because his nostalgic view and feeling, but as a sweet sister… I made a try :p

This warteg is very small, located between a clothing store and police office (so sometimes you will meet a random hungry police officer here), but lots of people come here. First impression, the owner is very kind and friendly. Very Indonesia! In the world where some people getting more and more rude, meeting someone friendly is such an amazing feeling. And hei! It is Indonesia, Indonesian are smiley people. 

Choose you delicacy, guys!

Inside, you will see lots of menu. You just need to point which foodies you want to try. Also, what’s make this place amazing is: You can add more rice for free!

Ah! This is why my brother always have lunch here.

And here is my choice. I still tried my best to be an ovo-lacto vegetarian that time (although after that I need to stop because of a health concern), so I fill my plate with vegetables menu.

Fried tempeh, yellow sauce pickles and lovely chili sambal

I was underestimate the taste, but it was delicious :’D
A familiar taste, something that my mom usually cook at home. Of course, no one can beat my mom’s skill in cooking, but at least this one can heal such longing feeling.

Huwaaaaaa…. soooooo happy!

We brought some foods for mom too. In total, we just pay for around 25.000 IDR! It just around 200 yen in Japan. So cheap! So delicious!

For many times, I ask my mom to move to Japan. But she always said “No, I love people and foods here!”
I understand why.

Moreover, here is the address of this warteg:

Warteg S.I.P
Jalan Polisi , RT.003/RW.001, Paledang, Bogor Tengah, Paledang, Kecamatan Bogor Tengah, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16122, Indonesia

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