My Culinary Adventure in Kawagoe, Saitama- Part 2

Sorry for a long delay with my post. So here is the 2nd part of my culinary adventure in Kawagoe, Saitama. Last time we already talk about the foods, this time lets see its interesting beverages.

Coffee VS Tea

As I went with my friend who is a coffee lover, I think she has the sense to smell coffee from kilometres away. “Look! Edo-style Starbucks
Oh wow! I just know that there is another unique Starbucks in Kanto area. The only unique Starbuck I ever found was in Kyoto, and I remember my friend there told me “Oh this kind of Starbuck only available in Kyoto fufufufufu.”

But, the menu is all the same with another Starbucks throughout Japan but with a super long line. Good to take a photo, but to enter the shop? Hmm… I told my friend to find another place. ย  This is the function of having a nice travel companion, she agreed and said “Ok!”


I am is a tea drinker, can’t imagine life without it. So, for me, I keep looking for tea around. And luckily, we found a good tea shop not far from the Starbuck.


Their speciality is green-tea, and because I love the traditional taste of the tea, I ordered green tea with roasted rice, I think it is called “Genmaicha” in Japanese. Served cold, it eased me during the humid summer. I am not an expert on tea, but as I know, formerly genmaicha is consumed by the poor. Yes! Exactly… because the price of tea was very high, so they added roasted rice and mixed it with the tea then brew it together. The function of the rice, at first, is to reduce the use of tea leaves. But, tadaaaaa…. it becomes a new invention after that.

Finish with the green tea, we walk-walk-walk again. It is tiring to do this during summer, but if you are in Kawagoe and keep using the bus, you also can’t fully enjoy the atmosphere. So, walk! Burn that calorie!

In the middle of the street, we found a start-up business stall. Their concept is mixing tea and juice together. Whoa!?! really…
My friend and I decided to stop and made a try.

For now, they still have three variants: original, tropical, and herbs. My friends, as a fruits lover, decide the tropical. I am not, I love herbs very much! So, for me, the herbs taste better. However, the concept of “glincoffee-stand” is interesting, they also not use ice, but frozen fruits as the tea cooler.
I hope their business will go well and sustain.

After several steps, we found a cosy home coffee shop! And it was one of our biggest treasure during our trip: Coffee Roaster shop, Toshino Coffee


We love its cosy atmosphere….
And when you enter the shop, you will see the coffee mix from all around the world


The owner seems an amiable and easy-going person, I think you can talk to her for hours or even a day if you can speak Japanese fluently.
My friend told me the coffee feels good, but unfortunately, I am not a coffee drinker :’D (oh I know, I am really sorry). I am, but I should limit it because of a personal health reason. But, I tried my favourite beverage ever: Kakigori! And of course, with the green-tea flavour ๐Ÿ™‚ I love green-tea very much! And it was an awesome experience.


I think I will come more often if the cafe is located nearby, but pfffft… Tsukuba… Tsukuba is seems located on another planet.
If you feel curious and want to have a try, they have a website, and you can check it here: or visit their twitter account

Anyway, it is a never-ending story while going around Kawagoe ๐Ÿ™‚
If you start to get bored with the busy Tokyo, or Kyoto is too far, you can try Kawagoe for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

And here some honey for you!

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