My Culinary Adventure in Kawagoe, Saitama- Part 1

So, this Saturday I went to Kawagoe, Saitama and already have a full-bucket list for the photo session. In the other side, I also want to make my camera and tummy happy. However, due to my poor Japanese proficiency and have a walk with a friend always better, I asked my best friend to accompany me.

Kawagoe is nice….” she said, but at first I can guess from her text replies that she also want to say “Nice… but hot… oh this person, is she never know that Saitama is hotter! Erghhh…not because she wants to take photos and I should accompany her! Why her Japanese getting worse!” I noticed she put the word “hot” in each text she sent me, and it made me laugh so hard, but I never give up! In the end, she trapped in the “best friend dilemma,” she gave up and come with me for a whole day. Well, but let me tell you, we had a perfect time!

Kawagoe is also known as 小江戸(koedo/ little edo). You can see lots of old clay warehouses and merchant homes. I share the photo of the town below, and I believe that you also agree that it such a beautiful town. No wonder, even in such extreme hot weather (it was 37 degrees Celcius when we came there), I still see some people use yukata and even kimono. It is also easy to be reached by train from downtown Tokyo, so I recommend you to give a visit if you are around.


But, as it is a food blog, I will tell you about our culinary adventure during our trip here.

As I told you before, it was hot, so in every 10-meter walking we already look around “Is there ice cream shop?”, “Oh look that coffee stall!”, ” I am craving of sweet.” I think I tried more foods than did photography here.

  1. Soft cream, soft cream, and soft cream!

Nothing can comfort you as soft cream in the hot weather! Nothing else!
And you can see that there are lots of ice cream shops around.


Kawagoe is famous for its sweet potato (and it also becomes their official mascot), eel (unagi), and…. GREEN TEA!

As a researcher who did research related to agriculture….
As a daughter of a mom who did research about tea plantation….
Deep inside my heart, I couldn’t believe that this place famous for green tea. Where on Earth they plant tea? If my mom there, she’ll ask everyone to make a detail explanation.

Of course, I remember that there is a green-tea plantation area around in Sayama. Oh, maybe it is a distribution hub. But after my friend uses her skill to read all the kanji, they said that long time ago Kawagoe had green-tea plantation area. Perhaps bigger than it is in Sayama. Nah! This is why you can see, in every corner, they offer green-tea soft cream.


But it is Kawagoe, its climate is suited for sweet potato! So, instead of green tea, we choose to have tried their sweet potato soft cream.
And let me give my review:  3.5/ 5
I am a big fan of soft cream, I tried all variants of it, and this one is so delicious!
+ The unique taste, you couldn’t find this flavor in every place.
+ You can find little pieces of real sweet-potatoes inside. So soft and delicious.
– A bit too sweet for me (but remember, I am not such a “sweet” fans.


So, yes… we recommend their sweet-potato ice cream.

2. Enjoy “Kamameshi” lunch
I recommend you find the restaurant for lunch 1 hour before or after the “lunchtime”. Otherwise, just brace yourself with a long line. However, we agreed to be patient because we coincidentally find an interesting Japanese food restaurant around called “Toriseri”.

Their specialty is “Kamameshi”, in case you don’t know what Kamameshi is here I got the definition from Wikipedia:

Kamameshi (釜飯) literally translates to “kettle rice” and is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot called a kama. Kamameshi originally referred to rice that was eaten communally from the kama. Kamameshi was originated in a town called Takeshitakama also known as Okunamikama. Coworkers or family members either ate directly from the kama pot or by transferring the rice to individual bowls.


I should tell you that, I love this place very much!
Beautiful view

And of course AWESOME FOODS! (CAUTION: This picture might make you hungry)


The first impression, it looks so beautiful! I never try kamameshi before so, I feel so excited to make a try, and it was so delicious!


The pot keeps the rice warm and soft. All Japanese pickles also fresh and boost our appetite. I was drowning in happiness.

Well, but the price also a little bit expensive. But let me tell you, the portion is big enough and the taste is delicious, so it is worth to pay.


I still have tones of stories, will continue it in part 2 🙂

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