Potato Pancake with Dates and Tamarind Sauce

Too lazy with rice, I think potato can be a good alternative.
I really want to make a potato pancake, but tomato and chili sauce also too mainstream. Stuck without any idea about how to improve my potato pancake, I decided to open all of my recipe books. One recipe in “Persiana” caught my eyes.


Oh ya, first of all, I also recommend recipe book: Persiana: recipes from the middle east & beyond, written by Sabrina Ghayour. I think the recipes are quite interesting. The problem is, I am a bit confused with some ingredients. I know I am a novice in the culinary world, but if I am able to give a suggestion, maybe some ingredients need to be “translated.” Oh okay, no such ingredients in Europe or US, well… I think I will be happy if at least she can provide the alternative. Anyway, all the recipe seems yummy!

Back to the food!
I found a similar recipe just like my potato pancake, but the sauce is made from dates and tamarind. Seems interesting!


How to make?
– boiled potato, puree
– Flour
– cumin powder
– curry powder
– salt
– pepper
– paprika powder
– spring onion, chopped
– onions, chopped
– water

* Mixed all of the ingredients, stir evenly.
* heat the oil, fry just like the way we make pancake until golden brown.

– dates, remove the seed
– tamarind, remove the seed
(comparison between dates and tamarind 2:1)
– Cayenne pepper
– honey, to taste
– salt, to taste
– cumin powder
– a bit water

* blend all the sauce ingredients use mortar or blender.

I love the sauce taste, it is like sweet, sour, and also spicy. Oh, I really love it!
I believe you’ll love it.

Serve the pancake with the sauce 🙂

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