My First sütlaç (Turkish Rice Pudding)

Indonesian loves rice, we told ourselves that we haven’t eaten yet if we haven’t eaten rice. But rice for us is a part of the main dish. So, I am surprised that some places in the world use rice as dessert! Seriously?

Well, okay! We have “Bubur Sumsum” (literally translated: marrow porridge). But we made it from rice flour, not cooked rice. We also have “Bubur Ketan” (Ketan is Sticky rice), but it is made from sticky rice, and it is common for us to use glutinous rice as dessert.
But, again… cooked rice? Why not eat that with good kare or something?

“Marissa, where have you been? It is very common!” That’s what my friend told me. As my research is related to agriculture, I felt my pride a little bit hurt :’D

Then I tried to find out, and aha! I understand the logic behind this “rice” thing. The first “Rice Pudding” I learn was the phenomenal sütlaç. I believe sütlaç is traditional Turkish rice pudding. I asked some of my followers on Instagram about sütlaç, and as I can expect they found this dessert in the Turkish restaurant and of course mainly of my Indonesian followers complain a lot about it :’D “How come we eat rice again after—-you know— Turkish feast! I couldn’t understand that restaurant!”
Yes! As I told you before, it is not common for us to make cooked rice as dessert. But after I look further about the sütlaç, I notice that they use short-grain rice for the pudding.

Aha! Understood! The logic is: long-grain rice for the main dish, short-grain rice as dessert.

Okay, I can accept that. And as Japanese rice is the short-grain type, so I tried to make it for break my fast. I believe the recipe is not really hard.


What to prepared:

  • Cooked short-grain rice
  • milk
  • cornstarch
  • Honey/ sugar/ brown sugar to taste (I choose brown sugar).
  • For topping: cinnammon powder, raisins, or maybe dates if you love it. I am happy with minimalist cinammon powder.

How to cook:

  • Boil the milk and then put the rice inside, stir and let it become a porridge. Then pour some sugar/ honey inside.
  • Add cornstarch, stir until you can get the desired consistency. Add the cornstarch during the process if needed.
  • Put in the pudding container, add the topping. Let it in the refrigerator for several hours.
  • Serve 🙂


Taste? I should tell it tastes good. But, hmmm…. for Indonesian, because we eat lots of RICE if we already eat lots of rice and then taaadaaaaa! The dessert also RICE… maybe we will not be really happy for that. I recommend this as a light dish when we need something sweet and fast, and well… of course after a long day without rice 😉

But as a rice lover, I seriously fall in love with this pudding 😀


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