Best Vietnam noodle in Papaya Leaf Tokyo

I would like to give you a new recipe on the page, but I notice that I still have lots of foods and resto I haven’t review yet!

It is a long holiday in Japan now, let me write in bulk during this week.
This month, as usual, when my heart is lonely and tired, I usually visit my best friend, and as always her only solution is: Let’s eat good food!

I told her I want to eat Asian foods this time, nothing as healing as Asian foods. But mmmm…I think I already eat Indian foods too much and try lots of Thailand foods.
Voila, we found an Asian resto named: Papaya Leaf Tokyo. They have lots of Asian foods options inside, from the affordable one to the most sophisticated one.

In that time, their food recommendation is Spicy Vietnam Noodle. We thought it is something like tom yum kung noodle, whatever… no time for speculation, we already too hungry that time and they said it made 100% seafood based. Wooooh! Seems awesome. Moreover, we also got additional side dish and dessert.

And voila! Here is our spicy Vietnam seafood noodle. I couldn’s say it “pho” because somehow it feels different. Mmmmm….a bit taste like tom yam but I believe tom yam have thicker soup.

Anyway! The taste was AWESOME!
It was a very first time both my friend and I just eat in silence. We enjoy good foods very much, but usually, we still talk to each other while eating, but this time? pfffttt… no way! Not too bland, not too spicy, and the soup has a good consistency. I really want to thank the chef for making a simple food very tasty.


The side dish was also impressive, Gỏi cuốn (Vietnam spring roll) but combined with peanut sauce, I believe the peanut sauce was gado-gado (Indonesian salad) sauce. I am sorry for forgetting to take the photo, but I can assure you that it was a very worth pay for dinner because everything was so delicious.

It is not easy to find good Asian resto throughout Tokyo because of too many options. In case you are stuck, we recommend you to visit Papaya leaf Tokyo. Here is the address:

Papaya Leaf Tokyo
2-21-1 Shibuya
| 6th floor, Shibuya Hikarie, Shibuya 150-0002, Tokyo Prefecture

Have a good day! 🙂



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