Halal Chinese Resto in Tsukuba? Finally! Eh, Seriously?

The hottest issue this year in my place, Tsukuba, is: THERE IS AN OPENING OF HALAL CHINESE RESTAURANT. As a Moslem we should be happy, but if you are a Moslem in Tsukuba, a place where it is far to anywhere, before happy we keep questioning: Is it a hoax?

My place now around 2 hours from the downtown Tokyo. Located in Ibaraki prefecture, this “town” (if we can call it as a town) is very quiet :’) Yeah… but I believe they open the resto because there is Tsukuba University nearby, and the number of Muslim students is increasing year by year.

This is super big news because even my sensei told me “Really? Wah! Then you should try it!” Please don’t be surprised, my sensei know I couldn’t work without sufficient intake of delicious foods, so he always let me try every new resto around :’) I know! He is the best!

My journey was started randomly because they still don’t have a precise location on the google maps. The silliest things are their resto in Chinese… so my friend also has no idea the resto name :’) “Well…. from Ali’s kebab, you just need to go straight on” That’s the only CLUE I got. The most random thing I got throughout the year. I have lots of Chinese friends, but… the problem is I also didn’t get any “photo” of the resto. So, I couldn’t show it to my Chinese friends. So, I decide to pay a visit with all of the risks. If I couldn’t find it at least, I can eat in Ali’s kebab :’)

I understand it is because the resto is still very new, so here it is! I share you the address.
The name of the resto is 中華第一麺 (chukka dai Ichi men). At least that’s how I read it in Japanese. The place is in Amakubo 2. Yes! Exactly one block after Ali’s kebab. So, if you couldn’t find it in Gmaps, you can find Ali’s Kebab Tsukuba first.


And this is how the resto looks like.


Enough with all of the drama of direction. Time to see the menu!
What I really love is: THEY ARE (relatively) CHEAP! Yes… for the set menu, under 1000 yen is considered cheap in Japan. And hey! It is Halal too :”)
With a budget around 700-800 yen, you already get main dishes, rice, soup, along with drink and side dish. And remember, it is Chinese cuisine, so their portion also quite huge. So, as a student: I LOVE IT!



This is a big secret, but everyone always has their own favorite dishes in a resto. In my case, no matter which Chinese resto I visit… I always choose: Chili Shrimp. What’s the point to visit halal resto then? Hei! Don’t think it is not hard to find chili shrimp that “safe” to be consumed in Japan… usually, although it is “shrimp” they also add some pork or lard on it. So, here it comes….. my favorite Chili shrimp :’)


I am burst into happiness. Everything seems fine to me. Hmmm, but as a food blogger, food lover, I should be honest that I found better chili shrimp somewhere else. Maybe as a true Asian, I feel it is not spicy enough. Or maybe my tongue is already get used with the strong MSG =.= .But still, it is very delicious. I also love the soup and the desert. I should tell the taste is “homey.”

The owner also gave me their homemade rice mochi (I couldn’t remember very well), but it was also delicious.

While waiting, if you are lucky enough, you also able to see the owner make their own noodle for the ramen! Or yeah… watching the television. I never watch TV, even when I am in Indonesia I rarely watch TV. So, seeing TV for me is like “Oh… technology” :’)


Well, so everything is so far so good, isn’t it?

Ahahahaha…. ladies, and gentlemen, kindly remember you are in TSUKUBA. The real struggle is: the bus schedule. Especially if don’t have a car or lazy biker like me.

Please always check the bus schedule first. Here is the bus schedule from the nearest bus stop in Amakubo to Tsukuba center


EVERY 40 MINUTES!!!!!! ahahahahhahahahahahahahahha :’D
You also can walk btw, and you will lose all the calories you gain in no time  😉

Oh, come on!

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