When you miss your hometown (and its street foods) –Part 1

I love Indonesia! Mostly because I have an awesome family, cute cats, and argghhhh Indonesian street foods are too delicious. If you never know how delicious Indonesian foods are, all of my best friends who study abroad keep saying “Later, if we enter heaven, I believe God choose Indonesian foods as the main dish there. That’s why we need to enter the heaven, at least for foods”  The most annoying thing for having them as my best friends is they are slimmer than me 😦 (ssstt… they eat more than me!)  

I have some problems recently, and it makes me keep crying and calling home “Mom….I miss you! Oh, why so many bad people around.”
When that happened, my mom and of course my brother keep telling me “Yeah… come back for a while and eat your favorite foods. After that, never come back unless you finish everything with style.”
Yes, that’s how my family comfort me: 1. foods, 2. cats. I don’t know why, but it works for me. No matter how sad or angry I am, listen to them and talking about foodies and cute kitties always cheer me up.

Ah… it brings back the memory. Let me write it for you!

Every time I am back home,  I think there are several street foods I usually looking for…. I have a long list but hmmm, let start to list it one by one.

1. Bakmi/ Mie Ayam with Bakso (Chicken noodle with Meatballs)

How can we visit Indonesia and not even try bakmi with meatballs, oh come on! I remember, every time I landed at the airport, my next destination is Bakmi GM (one of the most well-known Bakmi franchise in Indonesia). Gimme that bakmi! I am hungrrrrryyyyyyy~~~


Bakmi itself originally a Chinese cuisine, I heard the name come from Hokkien Chinese, and it literally means meat noodles. But, hey! We are INDONESIAN… somehow I think Indonesian are creative when it comes about culinary matters. We made some “adjustment” for sure 😉

For example, almost all bakmi in Indonesia are HALAL. We also add some spices. Don’t forget some awesome garnish like fried shallots and chili sauce if you love spicy foods. Because we super love bakso (Indonesian meatballs), we always found it everywhere usually also become the best friend of the bakmi.

Of course, it is A.W.E.S.O.M.E
I am not really good at describing something but for sure many textures mixed with the savory of balanced spices. I wanna cry with happiness.

It is also my mom’s favorite! She said when she was young, when she felt unwell, she would run for some bakmi and bakso.

Just do eat it too much! Sometimes the seller threw too much MSG (Monosodium glutamate), salt, and well… we couldn’t guarantee the hygiene also. Worth to try, but always mind your health too 😉


2. Nasi Ayam/ Bebek  (Chicken/ Duck Rice)

This one is SUPER FUNNY!
In West Java, if you see “PECEL Ayam” or “PECEL Bebek” it means casual Chicken/Duck rice, you will find savory rice along with fried chicken or duck and spicy sambal (chili sauce).

Once, I went to a food stall, and there was someone from Central Java. Order for Pecel Ayam, and tadaaaaa when he got the order he asked: “Where is the PECEL?”
Nah! This one is tricky, let me teach you a bit.
Pecel in Central and East Java is the vegetable salad with peanuts sauce, something like this:


Source: resepdanmasakan.com


In West Java, we also surprise that the pecel is changed become “lots of sambals.” well! Just mind that difference if you visit Java.

Maybe, just maybe, lots of interpretation come up recently. The seller starts to change the name become ordinary “Nasi dan Ayam Goreng” (Rice with fried chicken) and so on. Yaaah… better to reduce the misinterpretation.

One of my bro and I fave is “Bebek Goreng H.Slamet” (H.Slamet Fried Duck). It is hard to find people who good at cooking duck. Also, we love sambal! And we agree that sambal here is yummy. Just be careful if you can’t eat spicy foods. This is why they provide small amounts of sambal because it is SPICY. Yes! So, please be careful.


If you love this kind of cuisine, you will also find something like “Ayam/ Bebek Geprek” (Crushed chicken/duck). Nah! Basically, it is the same fried chicken/ duck, but the seller will have additional finishing touch by crush the meat ALONG with the sambal. Again, I suggest you be careful if you not ready with spicy foods. If you couldn’t eat spicy foods, remind the seller to separate the meat with the sambal.

Oh, those two are nothing compared to all awesome foodies in Indonesia.
But I need to back to work 😉
Will come back to you again later!


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