My culinary adventure in Bangkok

So, here is the story! Almost all of my best friends told me that “You should go to Thailand! They have good foods! Even for us the picky Indonesian!” I thought they only joking, but at last… I got an opportunity to visit Bangkok for a conference. Fortunately, I with my “comrade-in-arms” friend and he is not picky and also really love good foods. So, outside the conference stuff, we go around together searching for the most basic and primary needs of mostly human being: FOODS! (PS: While writing this, I also want to thank to that friend, and let him know that I AM GRATEFUL… I couldn’t imagine go somewhere with a friend who hate foods and I would become a tiny malnutrition human being :’) that’s why we need to choose a good travel partner )

After landing, having a back-ache, crumpled, we used Bangkok BTS to downtown Bangkok from the airport. We noticed one thing: We were hungry. Our eyes getting wild, and pointed one big (emmm medium) shopping mall, and decided as the first culinary adventure we would better find the resto inside that mall. Well, fine… okay…

BUT GUESS WHAT! I couldn’t understand why almost 80% of resto in that place are JAPANESE RESTAURANTS! Yes! We live in Japan, took a flight from Japan, landed in Bangkok and should ate Japanese foods? Oh man! Forget that. No matter how much Thai people crazy about Japan and its foods, we visit this country to try their foods. Nothing else. So, with our tiny energy left, we keep searching for Thailand resto.. and YASSSH! Finally we made it. And let me show you my first dish that night!


I promised my self to be a “dinner-vegetarian”, so I choose seafood-vegetable stir fry” and my friend choose his favorite crab dish (I am forget the name). Review? Let me quote my what my friend said:

Oh, look… we are not talking each other because the foods are too good!
(Li, PhD Candidate, love foods)

It is “homy taste”, I always complaining when a resto couldn’t cook as good as my mom, but this one really remind me about home
(Me, also PhD Candidate, food enthusiast)

So! Yeah… it was AWESOME! So, our first try was a huge success. It makes me keep believing that God must be love me so much.
And for my diet program, I am really sorry because I was cheating in Bangkok :’) after finish our dishes… we still find something sweet. And I tried Monkey Shake. It was great… but when I arrived in my rented apartment, I am laughing so hard because I just notice its Japanese katakana character. I am failed to 100% “run-away” from Japan influence :’D


Bangkok is actually beautiful. I enjoy taking photo around… even on the night. I don’t know why but perhaps I love it more that Jakarta (I am sorry, Jakarta 😦 ). Yeah! They have traffic jam but the people are nice, humble, and well… the foods are good so the traffic is forgivable :p


The next day, also on the night… we continue our culinary adventure. I had a promise inside my heart. I SHOULD TRY TOM YAM KUNG IN THAILAND. Yes! the real tom yum in thailand. So, here is my choice… Tom yam kung!

And here is my review:

Dear, my family and best friends… later on, if I cook something terrible just told me :’) from my experience today, I realize that I do cook Tom Yam in a totally a wrong way. Sorry and I love you.

-Me, student, tried to be a freelance chef-

If my friend didn’t ask me to talk about life, I might be crying a whole night noticing how bad I was cooking tom yam so far. I just realize that the REAL tom yam has a stronger taste, every herbs and spices try to show how outstanding are they. I should tell it was so delicious, although a bit too spicy for me who already weaker to spicy since living in Japan.

Until I close my eyes that night, I still couldn’t forgive my self, remembering that all this time… I feed my family and friends with tom yam but in sayur asem (Indonesian: sour soup) packaging.

And the next-next day. We already finished our presentation so we run away to see Loi-Krathong festival. Wew! So many laugh, smile, and even drama! But since it is a food blog so I will not going far about that scene. Let’s move fast to the foods.

After Tom Yam, one food you should try in Thailand is Pad Thai! You visited Thailand but haven’t try Pad Thai? Well… find another ticket and go back there! Seriously. This time, I don’t know whether we are lucky or everything in Thailand are delicious, I found a very good Pad Thai.


The crucial point to make a good Pad Thai is you should keep all the ingredients on their best texture including the shrimp and the bean sprout. You might think “Oh how easy!” but as a person who experienced in trying all random recipe in my tiny kitchen, I should tell you that’s tricky and difficult. Not all people are succeed for this. So, here again my review

[nyam nyam nyam nyam]
-Marissa, speechless bcoz of foods-

I started to love that city :’)

In the afternoon we moved to the place where the Loi Krathong festival would be held. Many stalls around. And one is remind me with es dawet (dawet ice) in Java, made me missing Yogyakarta and Central Java. I don’t know how to read it in thai, but if I live in Thailand I will keep calling them es dawet. Once you a Javanese, you will always a Javanese even tough you live in Japan :p


One best thing happened while I am in Bangkok is when looking at the kids bring their “small-ship” for the festival. They will let their ship sail over through the river. I met one boy, and he brought his ship made from bread… looking at his smile healing over everything in my life.

Maybe that’s why we need to smile more often sincerely… smile is contagious


If you are a Moslem and you one who freak about “Halal foods.” Here is my good news: You will not face this problem in Bangkok, because Halal foods is everywhere! Vegetarian foods also in every corner!

Did you know that Thailand has Halal foods research center? You can find it… for example in Chulalongkorn University. Finding halal foods in Thailand perhaps even easier that find one in Bali. At least in my opinion.

And as a bonus, because everyone are very kind to the animals (my friend said because in Buddhist practice *and actually it should be in ANY OTHER RELIGION* people are all need to aware about all creatures) you may find cute cats or dogs all around. Should I inform you that I found my “boyfriend” in Bangkok? :p here he is (please don’t be jealous).



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