Breakfast with Herbs and Dates Fried Rice with Rainbow Vegetables

Can you imagine when you got 10 kg free date palms? Well here is my story. I was accidentally got 10 kg dates last year from UAE embassy. I did everything I could to finish that incredibly huge amount of dates [which possibly could add additional glucose for orphan in Yemen if they distribute it to them not to me who live alone in super quiet Tsukuba]. Yes! 10 kg!!!! Sure it was my mistake also, because we need to fill a form about “free dates package from the embassy”. In the form there only two choice for question “How many package do you need?” a. 1 package b. 10 package. For sure I choose 1 package… but 1 package is 10 kg!!!!!! God… I need your help.

Almost a year passed, and there are still 3 kg left and I need to spend all of them because I promise I will never waste food. After a long pray to my God, I got an idea to cook them with rice :’D yes! when you hopeless, you will do anything.

The idea is to mix sweet taste from the dates with savory of herbs, neutralize with the rice and complete it with more vitamins and mineral from vegetables.

And tadaaaa here it is (looks good isn’t it?):


And here is the magical recipe :’D:

for the fried rice
– 1 portion of rice
– 5 (or less or more) date palms, remove the seeds and cut into small pieces
– dried thyme, oregano, and basil
– salt and pepper
– sweet soysauce
– soy sauce
– chopped garlic, onion, and red shallots
– oil to cook

How to cook:
heat the oil, cook the chopped garlic, onions, and shallot until you can smell it’s smell. add the dates. The add the rice and the other ingredients. cook until done.

for the veggies stir-fry:
– peeled corn
– beetroot (sliced thinly and bake for 20 minutes)
-spinach or kale
– salt and pepper
– some vegetable stock (or any stock you have at home)
-chopped garlic
-some chili if you to add spicy
– oil to cook

How to cook:
heat the oil, stir the garlic first, then put all of your vegetables. Cook for only 1-2 minutes (you will regret if you cook you vegetables for too long). Add a little bit vegetable stock (just a little, except you want to make a soup 🙂 ). don’t forget some salt and pepper. Cook until done.

In the end you just need to do you plating 😉
Good luck! Finger crossed!

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