[Resto review] Arzonie Italia: One of the best italian resto in Tsukuba

When my friend came visit my home, I didn’t have time to cook much because I just arrived from my home country. So, we agree to go around and find hidden delicacy around Tsukuba.

We choose to try one Italian Resto that a bit far from my home (+/- 20 minutes cycling). I used to pass this resto every time I go for buying groceries.

Arzonie is a family restaurant with a very nice and romantic vibe. However, if you come in peak-hour, you’ll get a back pain because of a long wait.

The foods are great, but if you don’t have any basic skill in Japanese, you might face some difficulties why all special offers and menu are written in Japanese 😦

You can choose a set with around 1700 yen which already including appetizer, drink, main course, and dessert.

Here is my choice:

Appetizer: potato salada with “tarako” sauceI love it so much because it has refreshing taste 🙂 and really work as an appetizer (score: 3.5/ 5).

Drink: Homemade orange juice

don’t get me wrong… I love orange juice. But this one mmmmm… standard taste. It is something that if I am missed this juice, I will have no broken heart feeling. I can run to the nearest convenient store and buy another orange juice (score: 2,5/ 5)

Main Dish: Clam Tomato Risotto

let me introduce you with the winner! This one is soooooooo delicious. Tasting this risotto is like a late notice of true love. You really miss it when you realize you finish it too fast… when you realize time flies.
Your heart melted… then scream… “Don’t go! Don’t. Come back to me.” But you can’t help for that. Then you promise “Ok, then I will come back for you” (score: 4,5/ 5)

Dessert: Strawberry Cheese cake

luckily, this strawberry cheese cake come to cheer you up… help you to forget the unforgettable risotto 🙂 (Score: 4/ 5).

At last! So proud Tsukuba has a good Italian Restaurant.

アルゾーニ イタリア
703-3 Akatsuka, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken 305-0062

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