Tea review: Mont Blanc tea by Karel Capek

As I Told you before that I really love tea, and if you are a tea lover and you have an agenda to go to Tokyo, come and visit the nearest Karel Capek’s shop. It is very famous somehow, because well… they have very cute packaging 😍. Of course it will make crazy every girls who visit this shop. The owner was a children books illustrator who really love tea and go around the world to try every tea shop around. So, no wonder the packaging of their products are overly cute💕

But personally, I also love the taste of their tea. 

Hmmm… how to describe. I think Karel Capek’s teas are very “girly” 

What I really love the most is the smell, and they always have new tea variants depend on the season. 

At first, their night herb tea was my fave… but hmmm… but now I think I have another fave tea: Mont Blanc tea. 

I just bought one, because I am not expect too much at first. But today I tried it, and oh my God…. I love it.

The smell of sweet Mont Blanc cake in the tea. And another point is, somehow it taste “sweet” although we didn’t put any sugar on it. I think it will be a good choice if you are in such “diet” program and you want to reduce your sugar in your beverages. I think it is the best when you drink it with your favorite cookies or cakes 🤗

Moreover, in case of you lost and don’t have any idea what your should bring as “omiyage” to your besties, you can buy them some tea bags from here. I bet they will feel delighted, although they are not such a tea lover…. yeaaaah at least they will say “GYAAAAAAA so cuuuuuteeeee” 😸

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