How to make your own Honey Ginger Chai :)

Continuing my previous posting, I would like to share how to make your own chai at home. It is very easy tough 🙂 so you can make it home, and I think it is very nice for the winter 🙂 I did a little experiment and I am proud with the taste ^^b I want to share it for you.

Here is the ingredients:



  • Your favorite black tea (I mixed good night herb tea from Karel Capek from Tokyo and Tong Dji Jasmine tea from Indonesia :D)
  • Ginger; crushed
  • lemon grass
  • laurel
  • cinnamon
  • anise (In Indonesia we call it Adas Manis, bunga lawang, or Pekak. Well… you can find it in Chinese/ Indian/ or Mediterranean  herb shop)
  • Honey
  • Milk

How to make it?


  • boil the water and put your black tea. Wait until the color become gold brown, after that set aside the tea bags.
  • put the ginger, lemon grass, laurel, cinammon, and anise together. Boil them together until you can smell the spices. Then, pus aside all of the spices.
  • mix your spices tea with the milk and honey, stir, mix well.
  • ready to be served, add some cinnamon powder on it to make it look more beautiful and add the flavor 🙂


Yuph! You ready then! Enjoy your winter ^^b Cheer up, spring will come very soon.

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