Chai Tea Cafe: Enjoying a cup of nice Masala Chai in the corner Yokohama

As a tea lover I love to hang out and try every new tea cafe. Last time because I have a class in Suzukakedai Campus, I decided to stay in Yokohama close to the China Town. It is nice, but not much stuff I can eat in China Town 😦 so I tried to find something related to tea. People say if you want to taste tea you should go to two countries: China and India. So, I was hunting Indian style and Chinese style cafe there. I found a very beautiful Chai cafe not really far from the main gate of Yokohama main gate. So here is it: Chai Tea Cafe Yokohama


It looks very quiet and no one from the outside, so I doubt to enter this place at first, but well… I really want to try everything here so no one can stop me. When I entered this cafe, I realize that the first floor is for “smoking” that’s a reason why it looks like no one come here :p so if you are not smoking, you should go to the 2nd floor.

and! It was sooooooo BEAUTIFUL. Take a look their interior

While I really love etnic interior, so personally I think it is a very nice place to hang out, to read some books, or just to chit chat with your best friends.

Talking about chai, for you who didn’t have any idea about what’s chai is, here is the quick definition from wikipedia :p

“Chai tea is a flavoured tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs.”

I like chai soooo muuuch, it’s spices and herbs is not only warming your body but also your heart (is it too much hahahahha). I ordered chai with honey and ginger because I always ordered tea with honey and ginger if they are available in the menu hahahhaha.

and tadaaaaaaa…..



I never picky about tea, but this one is really delicious. Spices and herbs always make chai rich with flavor. Ginger add consistency of “warm” sensation inside. Honey, always become a humble sweetener in every beverages. So, I recommend you to taste this one as well.

I was in unfit health condition, so at first I was too lazy to eat something, but if I am not, I realized I would make my health condition worsen. So, in the end I ordered some food. As my choice I choose shrimp and vegetables green kare with rice.

I am so surprised because they serve me, oh how to say? we Indonesian call it “nasi uduk”, a rice which cooked using coconut water and some spices, it will add savory to your rice. And they not using Oryza japonica rice, I believe they use thai rice because it has similiar texture with what we have in Indonesia. What a nostalgia.


The green kare also delicious, I can say the owner already travel around India, thailand, and several parts of Asia to find the real taste of chai, green kare, and everything they provide in the menu.

Well, I gave my nicest smile for this cafe 🙂

Here is their brief information:

〒231-0023 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, 中区山下町80 1-2F
(〒 231 – 0023 Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama, Nakaku Yamashita-chō 80 1 – 2 F)


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