[Bento Bako] Seafood Pad Cha

In sudden I really want to eat spicy and sour foods. But Indonesian foods are to complicated, so I need to try something else 😀
Well… for Indonesian like me, Thai foods are also set to our taste. While there was also a huge discount for seafood in the supermarket nearby and I also got instant seasoning from my friend, so here it is: Seafood Pad Cha. I add some chilies and lemongrass just to make the taste and smell stronger.


I don’t k whether I made it right or not hahahhahahaa…. so if you come from Thai, let me know how is it. Is my “Pad Cha” looks similar with the real Thai’s Pad Cha. I am not really sure what is the meaning of pad cha itself, but my friend said it is Stir-Fry thing. So, maybe I made it right.

Moreover, for me it is very “thai taste” in my opinion… spicy, sour, savory mixing in your mouth. Something that can refresh while lunch, and the most important is… it is not really hard to made.


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