[Bento Bako] Mountain-Ocean Bento

Have you ever read Totto-chan?
The story about a little girl who studied in such a unique and amazing school? Oh you should read it actually ๐Ÿ™‚
In one chapter, there is a story when the headmaster of the school asked the students to bring bento which made from something that come from mountain and ocean. So whatever it will be, the ingredients should be something that come from both mountain and ocean. That’s very interesting actually because I think that one way to make the students more creative and think further about the richness of the nature. I love it! You should read it actually.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

Inspired by that book, I made my own bento! And hmmm yes I named it Mountain-Ocean Bento.
Of course I choose fish as menu from ocean. I grill it and add some soy-chili sauce .
and I add some vegetables and egg roll as menu from the mountain. So voila… here it comes!


Basically you can put anything to your bento. But as it is for lunch, I recommend you to not pass vegetables while to much carbohydrate and lack fibers might make you sleepy during the day ๐Ÿ˜€


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