Enjoy Kosoan (古桑庵): The oldest tearoom in Jiyuugaoka, Tokyo

Who said near my university there is no “traditional” things?
Located quite near to the Tokyo metropolitan area doesn’t mean there are only modern things around.
Last time my friend and I visited the oldest tearoom in Jiyuugaoka (my campus is in Ookayama, which is take 2 station from Jiyuugaoka): Kosoan (古桑庵)

Jiyuugaoka itself is my favorite place, not because there are everything here but because I was a big fans of Toto-chan book, and yeah! Toto-chan school was here! So, hutwaaaa it is like a dream come true when my campus is so close to this place.

Back to Kosoan. It is so simple, old, hommy, traditional tearoom. It is very tricky because from far it looks like an ordinary Japanese traditional house


Interesting isn’t it?
This home is very historical tough, because I heard it is built since Taisho Period (Taisho period itself started from 1912). And I heard the name of Kosoan was given by Natsume Souseki’s son in law (Note: Natsume Souseki is the writer of I am a Cat and Botchan).


Named like that because almost all of the part of this house constructed by Mulberry tree woods (桑) than it is called 古庵 (Kosoan).

When you enter this place, a traditional Japanese home will welcoming you


It is pure such a tea room, so you mainly just can find tea, coffee, and traditional Japanese sweets.  Here a bit of their menu. They have English menu, so don’t worry 😉


Or you can check their complete menu here

For students, I think the price is quite expensive. You know, students always value quantity more than quality. But trust me, once in your lifetime you should taste how is it the taste of “quality”

This is what we ordered:


Everyone has their own preferences, my friends? She can’t forget the taste of the ice cream combined by some fruits. But for me? As a tea lover I can’t forget the taste of matcha (green tea). For me, it was one of the most delicious matcha I ever tasted! A bit bitter but there was also savory. I don’t know, it is difficult to be described by words, you should try! really! Once I try it, I understand why it is one of the most expensive menu.

So if you are in Tokyo, you might visit this place:

Every Wednesday
Opening hours: 11:00 to 18:30

Address: Meguro-ku, Tokyo Jiyugaoka 1-24-23 (5 minutes walk from Jiyuugaoka sta.)
Website: http://kosoan.co.jp



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