Halal Chicken Ramen in Tokyo Institute of Tech. Suzukakedai Campus

My mom will kill me if she knows I eat too much noodles and instant foods this week. I have some tiny problems with my health and I need to eat healthy foods to keep my body in fit condition. But I am busy now, so I have no choice (sorry mom).

For Moslem in Japan one of the hardest food to be tried is RAMEN! Because in general the soup was made by pork or any meats broth. I just found that there is a halal ramen in my univ. BUT in suzukakedai campus which is take 1 hour from my campus in Ookayama :’]

While I have a class there, I made my time to taste it. Finally!

Quick review: well, the taste is quitw similiar with vegetable ramen I made home, so I can figure out how to make it.

But well, it is quite cheap! Big portion! Warm foods! And there is a little chicken piece on it! So I still love it 😀 especially for such a cold day.

I also already taste halal ramen in sapporo, hokkaido which is the most delicious ramen for me so far (and also sooo faaaar to reach) so I keep comparing every ramen with my unforgettable ramen in Sapporo. I might be not objective enough to review ramen in Tokyo :’p

But well! Worth to try. But again, if you don’t have any food restriction I suggest you to try everything around 😀

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