Never goes Wrong with South Asian Foods


Too tired with a class, my friend brought me to eat kare. He said there is a Bangladesh Restaurant near my campus which provide halal kare and the food is awesome. It was like, WHAT? REALLY? I never know about that before. He promised to accompany me but as a return, he asked me to teach him a bit about photography. Oh well! No prob!

Then here we go! I ordered lunch set (which cost 750 Yen) and got salad, mango lassi (which is AWESOME), ebi kare, and a huge naan.
Of course I fall in love with mango lassi, it is always awesome… no matter how many times I tried to make it by myself, I never got the same taste. Basically it is kinda a yogurt drink, you just need to mix yogurt, milk, and mango together. But pheew! I haven’t get the right measurement yet! Anyone of you can give me a suggestion?

And compared to Japanese kare, of course south asia kare is more spicy and have stronger taste, so for an Indonesian like me…. it suits me better. I also love the salad in this resto, the include crispy fried onion in it and it brings richer texture to the salad itself.
Huwaaaaa… feel relieved.

I am forget to note the address of this place.I will update this post later. But, personally it is a shame for me because I will move out to another city soon and I am too late to realize this nice Bangladesh resto :’D oh come on!


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