Autumn treat from Gasto Resto and Cafe


One of family resto and cafe I love in Japan is Gasto(ガスト).
You can find it throughout Japan actually 🙂
This autumn they have scallops special menu. Oh I really love scallops, and I heard autumn is scallops season. So, my beloved reader… don’t forget to eat scallops this autumn.

After a short hang out with my best friend, we decided to eat something with her and while we got blank,we simply decided to visit Gasto.
Here is their autumn scallops special menu


If you are a Muslim, be careful because some of the menus are consist meat. I recommend you to order the maguro don (the menu in the middle of left side) or just like me mixed furai (the menu in the below of the left side). The other are consist meat.

If you don’t have any restriction, well anything are recommended for you 😉

In my mixed furai… I love it!
Because there is maguro don, the shrimp and scallops tempura, miso soup, and some fresh pickles. I think it is very Japanese, a reason why I really love it :’D

Huwaaaaa….. autumn… it is obviously time for eat!
Enjoy autumn!

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