Nasi Liwet Teri ala Sunda (Liwet Rice with Anchovy- Sundanese style)

As I told you, I miss Indonesian foods very much.
Today I made Nasi Liwet with anchovy πŸ˜€

Talking about nasi liwet, there are two style of nasi liwet: Sundanese (West Java) Style and Solo (Central Java) Style.
Sundanese style tend to not use coconut milk and usually you eat this with various fried foods (fried tempeh, fried tofu, and so on) don’t forget with sambal terasi (chili shrimp paste).

Solo style, tend to use coconut milk and usually people eat the rice together with chayote coconut soup (sayur labu siam) along with shredded chicken and boiled egg. This style for Sundanese people is closer with “Nasi Uduk”

Both of them are awesome, choice is yours. But I think the Sundanese version is easier for now,so I made this version first.



as I am a student I use rice cooker to cook this.

What you can do to make this….
1. Fried a bit together:
minced garlic
minced red shallots
lemon grass
crushed ginger

2. Prepare white rice put them into the rice cooker. Then, put all of the spices you already cooked before to the rice cooker, mix the water for cooking your rice with chicken broth. Moreover, if you love spicy sensation you can put some red chili pepper or cayenne pepper on it.
I also put some carrots because I love carrot very much πŸ™‚

3. Cook as usual.

Then tadaaaaaaa….. this is what you’ll found when you open your lovely rice cooker


Seems good isn’t it?
hahahahaha…. I think you’ll enjoy it in this breezy autumn.

Enjoooooy πŸ˜€

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