Trattoria Porticello Yokohama: (a bit) Moslem-friendly Pasta Restaurant


First of all this is NOT a halal restaurant. But personally I think it is “Moslem Friendly” enough. Why? Because they show us in details all of the ingredients they use in the menu. So, if you quite “moderate” you can choose foods which there are no meat included on it 🙂 not bad isn’t it

They obviously note that they are not a Halal certified restaurant

Also, I loooooveeee the cozy atmosphere here. Huwaaaaa, and nice place to hang out with nice friends 🙂


And the foods? Not bad! I love them.
My favorite was “Spaghetti with basil scallops and potato” nyummmy! I recommend it for you. The combination between scallops and potato are just match and blend perfectly :’D
Me and my cousin also order a smoked salmon pizza!

Huwaaaa, nice foods, nice friend, nice place… perfect!
That’s it from me 🙂
With lots of love….

(ah I think you need to know my face this time hahahaha)

Greeting from me 🙂

Porticello, Yokohama
Shinko, Nakaku, Yokohama 231-0001, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 45-222-2188

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