Cosmos Ice Cream: How does it taste?

Autumn is coming and it is time for one of my favorite flower 秋桜 or cosmos to fully bloom 🙂
I went to Showa Kinen Park (again and again) to hunt some photos of the cosmos field. Never feel disappointed with cosmos, it is very classic and both of my DSLR and instant camera are satisfied! As a bonus I will share you some of the pics:

I hope that’s not really bad. Unfortunately I came when the weather was super cloudy and windy a bit.
But there is no perfect journey without perfect food tasting. Hahahhahaa!
I really love ice cream. Trust me, on summer my refrigerator with one thing called: ice creams!
In Japan, they usually make special taste of soft ice cream depend on the season. And here, I found cosmos soft cream! Hahahaha… ok take my 300 yen and lemme taste it!

Here it is:


How about the taste? Mmmm… well.
I don’t know if you have taste “rose ice cream”or not because I just found the taste is exactly the same. So…mmm… quite like vanilla ice cream,but somehow sweeter. What I love from this ice cream is the smell. It is exactly smell like cosmos flowers! So,it was worth to try.
However, I am not a fans of sweet stuff, so for me it is a little bit too sweet for my taste. Just a little bit, but still too sweet for me.
But if you a big fans of sweet, this will be not such a big deal for you.

So! Yeah! welcome autumn 🙂

Showa Kinen Park
〒190-0014 Tokyo, Tachikawa, 緑町3173

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