Tsukuba: If you find a resto with nice buffet


Trapped in the science city made me and my best friend starving!
We failed to visit a Hawaiian resto, failed to taste pineapple fried rice, and oh come on! Went to Tsukuba is nothing but tiring!

So, we stranded in a mall area called Lala Garden.
We randomly pointed any resto and voila we pointed
We thought it was vegetarian resto but mmm unfortunately not.

To be honest, if you are a Moslem, the only main course you can choose is the pasta (they also very welcome with our demanding requests). But! I suggest you to NOT MISS the buffet. Because it is wonderful!

They have awesome salad bar!
Nice and good udon
lovely sweets and appertizer
delicious carrot’s soup
But the osusume (recommendation) from me and my friend are:
1. ROAST ONION! This one is super delicious!
2. Belgian waffle
3. I personally love the Handmade pudding
4. The ice coffee also good 😉

Oh really, the buffet is great! This is my first time when the side dishes in the buffet is so much more interesting than the main courses.
And! Only with 1300 yen you can enjoy the buffet, drink bar, and the main course :’D

If this resto is in Indonesia, I wonder everyone will bring their own lunch box hahahhaha.

Address: LALA GARDEN TSUKUBA, 278-1 小野崎字千駄苅 Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture 305-0034
Phone: 029-879-5858


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