Spoting Halal Spots in Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokodai)

Howdy, World! Oh Gosh, I need to clean up every spider webs on this blog. I love foods, I never stop to visit new resto, new foods, but well… I am student! And my master research was pffttttt.
However, I am graduated! Yipeeeee…

and I become PhD student now hahhaha.

But still, food is my best medicine. A reason to smile :`D
I will write anything later, but here in my univ.
We just start new academic year, and there are lots of new students. Japanese foods are good, so everybody can enjoy it. But if you are Moslem and you need halal foods around, and the only place you know now is Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ookayama Campus… then hmmm you need to spot where you can find halal foods around.

 I understand that your “standard” about halal stuff maybe differs.

But well, if there are obvious HALAL foods and beverages around, of course you need to choose that and trust me it is not a rocket science to find halal foods in Tokodai area, especially in my case in Ookayama campus.

What I love from Tokodai is they provide halal delicacy in their cafetaria. This week menu is Halal Yellow Kare (ハラル色カレ). It is obviously not a Japanese style kare, maybe more like south asia kare. However, it is one of the most delicious halal menu in Tokodai cafetaria. A bit expensive but if you want to eat meat, warm kare, and proper tasty food….. the price is worth to pay.  Yes 450 yen just for the kare, rice not included 🙂

yippeee.... yellow kare this week


It is a great thing because not all cafetaria in Japan Universities are providing Moslem friendly foods. So, wooow! I love it!




this is another thing, in the Co op (just next the cafetaria) there is also a tiny halal corner! While we as student usually suffered by sudden hunger, we need instant noodles and several snacks. However, again…not all noodles and snacks are Moslem friendly. So, just go to the corner in Co op in Ookayama campus, and you can find this, TADAAAAAA!

Tiny halal corner

You can buy you favorite snack here! Bring to your lab and comfort your self with these foods hahahahhaa 😀
If you can’t find halal foods in your campus, and you are an instant noodles freak, maybe you can check the allergy list of the noodles. One recommendation is usually, Nissin Mie Goreng.

Nissin Mie Goreng

Why, because in the allergy list they uncheck all the meat ingredients: pork (豚肉), chicken (鳥肉), beef (牛肉)

allergy list

But well, it is quite hard to find.

And if you find one with obvious halal logo on it, then go with the one which has halal logo on it!

Ok that’s it.

Have a great time in Japan and good luck for your study 🙂 Enjoy!


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