Happy Avocado with Cornflakes


I just realize that Avocado is such a summer fruit here in Japan. In Indonesia, we find this fruit a whole year although the number is decrease year by year. Not all home in Indonesia choose avocado as a plant on their yard because there are huge number of caterpillars will come before the fruiting season. As you imagine, it’ll never cute to see so many caterpillars hanging on a tree. However, maybe that’s one of nature’s mechanism to help avocado trees in Indonesia “lose” their leaves because we don’t have autumn season or human being who too diligent to remove the leaves one by one :p . Right after the caterpillars go away, the tree will started to give their fruits. Interesting isn’t it 🙂

Well… but this fruit is still one of the most delicious fruit in the world. In Japan, they usually mix it with sushi (and I also realize the type is slightly different with avocado in tropical area). But we, Indonesian…. we made is as beverages 😉

If you want to make it at home…
just simply blend the avocado with some milk and a little bit honey.
If you love to, you can add chocolate sauce on it.
While I usually too lazy to have a breakfast (I mean to make a breakfast hahhahaha) I add my favorite corn flakes on it.

Voila, and everything are ready then 🙂


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