Indonesian Style Chicken Soup

My mom always gives me some chicken soup every time I got sick and I don’t know what’s kind of magic on it until I recover very well after that. Soup, wherever you go, all are almost the same…. the only different is the ingredients. Indonesian Soup for example, are rich with spices. Exactly, we use a lot of spices. Why? Because we have many kind of spices. If you look back the history, Indonesia was occupied because it is rich with spices and any other natural resources.

I think this is one of the Indonesia easiest cuisine you can made everywhere! As long as you have some crucial spices 😉

I will not determine how many ingredients you should use, you can use your good feeling for it :p HAHAHHAHAAHA….



What you need:

* Chicken, if you want a light and clear chicken soup, kindly remove all fats on it 😉

* carrots, cut rounded
* potatoes, cut cubed
* onion, coarsely chopped
* garlic, crushed then coarsely chopped
* ginger, crushed. You also can cut into small pieces but the problem is sometimes people wrongly thought it as potatoes :p and eat that without ay feeling (this is my own story :’D). Also, if you have flu or not in good health condition, kindly add more ginger on it 🙂 it will surely help.

* pepper, sufficiently
*cinnamon, 1-2 stick(s)
* salt, sufficiently

Supplement ingredients:

* fried onions
*chopped celery

How to make it?
* Boil the chicken until half-done with small heat
* while waiting the chicken, saute onions and garlic until you can smell the super delicious fragrance from it :p
* if you have done with the onions and garlic, dip it to your chicken broth.
* Now, it is your time to dip other ingredients: carrots, potatoes, garlic, cinnamon, salt, and pepper.
* I don’t know your “taste preference” so this is time for trial-and-error :’D have a taste and you can add any other ingredients whether salt, pepper, or anything until you think it is taste good.
* Cook until the chicken already well cooked and the vegetables are bite-able. Please don’t cook too long and make the vegetables too mushy… it will remove the vitamins.
* Turn off the stove and set aside! Your soup is ready.

Eat this with warm rice together with fried onions  and chopped celery,
If you don’t have chicken, you can use hard boiled quail eggs or tofu, however you may need artificial flavorings or  bouillon cube . And actually you also can add any vegetables like peas or cauliflower 😀

That’s it…

Smile 🙂


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