A quick guide of: ONIGIRI

If you go to Japan, you should try onigiri (Japanese rice ball), not to mention because it is the fastest and the cheapest food you can reach when hungry wave come. Eventough I can make my own onigiri, but in fact sometimes I still visit convenient store just for buy some onigiri.
You can choose varies of taste and type, with or without dried seaweed paper… everything! And now some of onigiris are already have “english title” so although you are zero in Japanese, you no need to guess what`s inside the onigiri.

I remember in the first time in Japan, I have no idea about how to open onigiri wrap, it is quite tricky sometimes. But actually it is not Japan if they not wrap something well and easy… but what can you say, I was a newbie on that time.

So here, I show you how to open it πŸ˜›
The point is the “numbers” in the warp is not there without meaning
It show step by step about how you should open the warp correctly and smoothly!

First! look you onigiri with full of love

Second, pull the peak of your onigiri plastic warp (no. 1)

Third, now pull the right and the left side of your onigiri warp (no.2 and 3)

Anda Tadaaaaaa…. enjoy your onigiri happily…

Β I think not all onigiri has english on their wrapping…
so if you have any alergy or you can`t consume some ingredients (for Moslem especially, it is quite tough isn`t it? πŸ™‚ ) I just can suggest you some ways:
1. Just go everywhere with your friend who capable in Japanese
2. Use you gadget, bro… google translate now can translate photos πŸ˜›
3. Learn a little bit some Japanese vocabulary…
for example:
肉 (niku): meat
θ±šθ‚‰ (Buta niku): pork
颏肉 (Tori niku): chicken
牛肉 (gyuniku): beef
魚 (sakana): fish
倧豆(daizu): soy

yeaaaah something like that

Enjooooy πŸ™‚

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