My kebab Experience in Istanbul

What is Kebab?
What is Doner?
Is it has the same taste with what we have in Indonesia? or Japan?
Can you taste it for me?

I got so many questions about Doner Kebab while I went to Istanbul. Not about my conference, not about my condition, but it is about KEBAB! Sorry to say also Istanbul, as beautiful country, with beautiful view and cats, with awesome architecture, world just know about your Kebab…

Okay…okay… hold on a second, I will write you the review!
But first of all let`s appreciate the beauty of Istanbul first!

Trem In Taksim Square, I think this is one of the busiest part in Istanbul

So, I went to Taksim area, and from Taksim square I just walk a little to Istiklal Street. I really love photography and I have lots of beautiful photos here. But while this blog is only about my culinary experience, just see what I found here! Doner Kebab.

I just know that Doner is come from Turkish “dön-mek” and means “spins”, yeah because they spin the meat! and Kebab it self comes from “Kababa”an armaic languange means piece of grilled meat. (PS: trust me I also googling what armaic is! It is a mix between arabic and hebrew language, you may gooling for it also… whatever it is, we do agree it must be something difficult :P). So, doner kebab [maybe] means they spin the meat to grill it than grill it into pieces! I can sleep peacefully now 😀

Aha! So it must be called: Doner!

Okey, let`s have a review about the kebab it self!
I took a chicken kebab for 6TL (It is around 2 Euro, or 30.000 IDR, or 300 yen, ask google for any other currency). It was already a package with a coca-cola… so it is relatively very cheap isn`t it?

 In my first month in Japan, I am really sick with Kebab! Can you imagine, almost every weeks I ate kebab just because that was the only delicious halal things I knew that time, and in every bite I told to myself “Marissa, someday eat kebab in Turkey”, and that`s moment comes into my life. For me, it is delicious but nothing special, I taste the same thing in Tokyo… while for Indonesian, I face every Indonesian problems: everything taste not spicy enough. Where is saus sambal? Come on! Indonesia put chilies everywhere!!!

But let`s be objective Marissa,
well the bread was great, it is cooked well and taste crispy and soft in the same time, the meat also nice and I think the meat was more than what we have in Indonesia. 

If you need fast food with nice taste in Turkey, simply find Doner Kebab
But, if you want to hear my suggestion…. don`t come in Zuhur time (around 11:00-13:00) on Friday, you will be surprised when suddenly they close the shop and run to the mosque to do Jumaah prayer… and left you alone. Is it me who experiencing that things? hahahhaa I don`t know… but just in case 😉

Have a great day, great journey, and great food in you dishes

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