Manhattan Fish Market, Ikebukuro: When there is a full happiness in a full bowl of fish

Last month, after hunting for some photos in Showa Kinen Park Tachikawa and Tokyo University with my friend, Amel, our tummy asked to be fulfilled. We need another full tank after a long journey. It is a little bit a shame for me while I already stay in Tokyo longer than Amel but I have no idea about nice restaurants around Tokyo. Amel ask me have I try Manhattan Fish Market… it sells varies of seafoods and another delicious stuffs… and it HALAL! It was a little bit far from our starting point, but you should surprised with human will when they are HUNGRY!

Let`s have a little review about it!

Based on Amel`s recommendation, we request for a shrimp menu (Sorry, I forget the name), Amel said it was very chezzy and absolutely delicious, who can say no then?
then tadaaaaaa…. here is our special menu come…. the waitress bring our dish and WOOOOSSSSHHHH burn our chesse shrimp!

Looks great isn`t it… I think you only can see this attraction if you request for this dish, I don`t know I haven`t try all of the menu. Here it is our glorious dish. I must say that the shrimp is nothing but awesome. I never like shrimp, but this one is different… very chessy and if feels like everything mix well and melt in your mouth. If it was in my apartment and there is no one there, I will simply lick all parts of my plate because it is DE-LI-CI-OUS!

While we are two person, we also ask for another one dish, it was salmon if I am not mistaken… whatever it was… it was fish. It is nice, very soft fish… but the problem was we already hypnotized with the shrimp and we already full in that time.

Then as a blogger I just recommend you to come to this place, but please don`t go alone especially if you are a woman. WHY? Because the portion are really big! I really love foods, I never left anything in my plate, but here… trust me I can`t finish it. I think it is a good place to celebrate something with someone you really care about, your friends, families, or every nice people you have. Have a lunch or dinner here alone is also nice, but the portion is too big… but maybe it is also okay for take out 🙂
That`s it
Have a good day and happy tummy

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