[Foodea!] Banana Pancake

I am not good in cooking, but I really love food… so I learn a little bit now. Living in Tokyo is quite hard, because everything are expensive, especially fruits. I am dying missing Indonesia if I remember how cheap fruits are in my country. In Japan, the cheapest fruit is BANANA. Here the problem…. I don`t like banana 😦

So I have and idea, I made a banana pancake!
Yeph! Pancake. I love pancake so I think it will be great combine something I really hate with something I really love…

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What you need:
1 Banana, peel it
2 egg
maple syrup
apple or strawbery

How to make it?
puree the banana in a bowl
mix it with egg and some milk
stir it
heat the pan, then pour our pancake dough gradually
cook it well 😛

after that serve in a nice place, pour your favorite maple syrup or refined sugar
and if you want to make it looks beautiful, add some pieces of apple or strawberry or your favorite fruits.

Easy isn`t it? Enjoooy! 😀

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